Nanotechnology is considered one of the most important technologies of the 21st century, which has created a revolution in all aspects of human life; So that the world community seeks to expand this technology in different dimensions. In 2001, the Islamic Republic of Iran, along with the international community, has established a special headquarters for the development of nanotechnology in order to exploit the capabilities of nanotechnology.

In addition to efforts to promote nanotechnology at the level of the general public, students, professionals and technologists, it is necessary to determine the position of each and every actor in the field of this technology in the country, from universities and scientific centers to companies and commercial organizations. In addition to paying attention to these two important things, holding nanotechnology festivals can also pursue the following goals:

Recognizing research and industrial potentials
Strengthening cooperation between industry and academia
Penetration of developed nano technologies in existing industries
Setting the stage for the presence of nano companies in international markets
Promotion of general knowledge in the field of nanotechnology
Appreciation for the best nanotechnology products

Considering the annual nano technology exhibition, the Nano Technology Development Headquarters plans to hold the 14th Nano Technology Exhibition (Iran Nano 2023) on November 4-7, 2023 at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions.

نمایشـــــگاه فـــــــناوری نانــــو

Iran Nano 2023

نمایشگاه فناوری نانو نخستین بار در سال 1387 به همت ستاد ویژه توسعه فناوری نانو، با اهدافی نظیر شناخت پتانسیل‌های تحقیقاتی و صنعتی و ارتقای دانش عمومی در حوزه فناوری نانو برگزار شد. این رویداد هر ساله با هدف اعتلای این شاخه از فناوری در محل نمایشگاه های بین المللی تهران با حضور فناوران داخلی و خارجی برگزار می‌شود.

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شبکه های اجتماعی 

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